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farmatrust (FTT) Historical Data | Current FTT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price FTT. Maximal value of price farmatrust was , Minimal price of FTT was . Today price of farmatrust is :

About farmatrust

FarmaTrust supplies artificial intelligence-based blockchains and future-proof systems for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. FarmaTrust digital solutions and services create efficiency, accountability and transparency for supply chains, lighten the burden of compliance requirements, reduce costs and eliminate counterfeit or lower quality products. FarmaTrust solutions create immutable and incorruptible records to ensure data integrity and complete verifiability. This means that our data analysis and artificial intelligence services can be trusted. Digitizing and automating our customers’ processes using the blockchain’s «smart contracts» feature creates significant cost savings for its customers. FarmaTrust focuses on four vertical aspects: • Monitoring and pharmaceutical data services • Cell and genetic therapy services or personalized medicine • Clinical trial services • Medical device services FarmaTrust’s partners and customers include pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers and distributors, governments , regulators, NGOs and laboratories.