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Ethereum Sweepstakes Review

Ethereum Sweepstakes Review


1Games: Lottery
Features: jackpot, prize money, Group SWEEP Token, affiliate program, multilingual interface
Withdrawal & Fees: purchase limit of 10 SWEEP Tokens per one transaction, gas charges applied


Ethereum Sweepstakes is not another crypto casino with traditional table games and bitcoin slots, yet it deserves attention as the amount of money you can win there is a real fortune. Unlike lots of betting options at some sportsbook or an online casino, bitcoin lottery is the main and only game at Ethereum Sweepstakes. Apart from some sweet prizes, the use of modern crypto technologies is what makes this site worth a high casino rating.

Ethereum Sweepstakes is a game changer in the online gambling world since its operation is managed by the ethereum blockchain. What that means is, first of all, fairness and security. We’ll get into more details in our review. Join us to learn more about this 2018 newcomer and make sure you won’t miss a unique opportunity to win lots of cash.


Before we get to Ethereum Sweepstakes lottery, it is crucial that you understand what Ethereum is and why it makes this site so special. There are some similarities between bitcoin and ethereum, as both these currencies are run by a decentralised network of computers, and all transactions require verification on the blockchain. However, ethereum went a bit farther than just being a virtual currency. It also incorporates so-called “smart contracts,” which are basically agreements with conditions written in the form of code. Once a certain condition or a number of them is met, the specified amount of money is released to a dedicated receiver of payment. The reason these smart contracts are gaining popularity is the fact that anyone can check and verify them on the ethereum blockchain.

This transparency is something gamblers all over the world would like to see in every crypto casino. Sure, you can always select a good site with a high casino rating from the list of the top gambling establishments. However, Ethereum Sweepstakes lets you make sure everything is fair without reading a bunch of reviews to figure out whether the site can be trusted. Being a smart contract, Ethereum Sweepstakes has a clear function it was created for, and that is holding the lottery.


Naturally, Ethereum Sweepstakes cannot compete with a fully-fledged crypto casino as it does not have any classics like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or at least a few bitcoin slots. It is, however, offering the best crypto lottery, and it’s time we learned more about it.

In order to participate in Ethereum Sweepstakes, you must first buy a Sweep token with ether. This is how tickets are called here. One token costs one ether. You can either purchase several entry tickets to improve your odds or buy a share in a grip token. In case of winning, the prize will be automatically distributed between the group members proportionally to their share.

As soon as all of the available Sweep tokens are sold, the Ethereum blockchain immediately starts the process of randomly choosing a winner. Without any further delay, the jackpot is sent to the winner’s wallet that was used for buying a lucky Sweep token. The same procedure is performed by the blockchain until all of the succeeding winners are determined and sent their prizes.

That’s correct, there are more than one. Although the prizes come in a descending order, Ethereum Sweepstakes offers some fine rewards for those who come in second, third, and so on. Let’s take a look at what is promised for the scenario in which 2 million Sweep tokens out of total existing 4 million tokens are sold:

  • 1 Jackpot Winner will receive 37.5% of Sweep Tokens Sold or 750,000 ETHER
  • 10 Winners will receive 0.375% of Sweep Tokens Sold or 7,500 ETHER each
  • 100 Winners will receive 0.0375% of Sweep Tokens Sold or 750 ETHER each
  • 1000 Winners will receive 0.00375% of Sweep Tokens Sold or 75 ETHER each
  • 10,000 Winners will receive 0.000375% of Sweep Tokens Sold or 7.5 ETHER each
  • 100,000 Winners will receive 0.000000375% of Sweep Tokens Sold or 0.75 ETHER each

Check the site for the live rate of all 111,111 prizes.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

Considering the nature of Ethereum Sweepstakes, casino regulars should not expect any special offers. It’s difficult to imagine how a lottery site could offer players a bonus code, some kind of promotion, or a VIP program. Sure, something could be done to attract even more participants. However, what can beat the available prizes? Besides, you must remember, that this is not actually an online casino; bitcoin enthusiasts should realize the difference and properly evaluate the unique opportunities no online casino provides.


Ethereum Sweepstakes mobile version looks just as gorgeous as the desktop one without losing any of its functionality. As the lottery does not require a constant presence on the site, you can use your mobile device for acquiring Sweep tokens, finding out more about the sweepstakes, or checking for updates. There is no app for iOS or Android devices, and there clearly does not seem to be any need in it at this point. Unless the site owners ever decide to add some casino games or slots to expand the available options for participants, everything can be successfully managed from a browser.

To compete for the jackpot, you don’t even have to sign up. There is no registration process, all you have to do is buy an entry ticket. You can be sure that your participation will be completely anonymous. Once you do get a Sweep token, the virtual wallet address you used for transferring ether will be added to the list of participants. Even though it’s that simple, make sure to read Terms and Conditions and any additional information provided on the site. Besides, we advise you the following plan of actions should you decide to join:

  • If you don’t have one yet, get a secure virtual currency wallet for your ether.
  • Carefully choose a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy ether.
  • Send the newly acquired ether to your secure virtual currency wallet, and only then transfer it to the wallet address provided on the Ethereum Sweepstakes site.

Considering that the site and the lottery are relatively new and have not received a lot of coverage yet, the owners made sure there is a concise FAQ section. Here, you can understand better how the smart contract works and what its advantages are. And in case you still have some unresolved issues after reading the answers and explanations, you can send a message to the support team, which will help you clarify things via email.

Ethereum Sweepstakes also relies on social media in spreading the word. You can follow them to learn all the important updates. There, they also post results of monthly draws. So if you want to get a chance of winning some sweet cash before the final drawing of the lottery, don’t wait for too long and join sooner.

Scam, Privacy & Policy

Just like any online casino, Ethereum Sweepstakes provides thorough information on what personal data is collected, how it is used and protected. The privacy policy can be found on the bottom of the page, next to Terms of use. Make sure to study these documents if you decide to play, so that you understand all the nuances and don’t blame the site for any actions or issues that are actually described therein.

Application of a smart contract is supposed to provide full transparency and eliminate any suspicions participants might have. As all the conditions and details of the way funds will be gathered and distributed are written into the lines of code, there is no way the site owners could trick anyone. However, even though the basic principles of a smart contract are explained on the site clearly enough, the owners advise to either contact them to learn more or to refrain from participating in Ethereum Sweepstakes.

Deposit & Withdrawal

As this is not an online casino, bitcoin or, in this case, ether does not have to be deposited to let you play. Instead, as mentioned before, you need to transfer 1 ETH to the specified wallet address and receive your Sweep token or a share in the group token if you send 0.1-0.9 ETH. There are no restrictions on how many tokens you can buy, but participants are warned not to use any wallet address that does not receive ether, for example, a brokerage wallet. Also, set the appropriate gas limit to make sure the transaction does not fail.

As you can see, ether is the only currency accepted here. If you would like to participate in the lottery offered by Ethereum Sweepstakes, bitcoin, litecoin, bytecoin, dogecoin or other altcoins, will first have to be exchanged for some ether at a cryptocurrency exchange. The same goes for those players who prefer making a deposit via bank transfer, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, or other payment methods. Once you have ether safely stored in your secure virtual wallet, go on and buy some Sweep tokens.

Bottom Line

Summing up, it doesn’t seem like Ethereum Sweepstakes even qualifies for getting a casino rating simply because it is not a casino. There are no bitcoin slots, no sportsbook, and no table games. Yet, it will probably rank pretty high due to offering a transparent lottery with unprecedented prizes in cryptocurrency. That is, of course, if enough people participate, which may not happen since it’s the first year the lottery is held.

Nevertheless, Ethereum Sweepstakes seems to have a bright future if ether and other cryptocurrencies will keep getting more and more recognition, and the site owners will keep following the set goal and promoting the site. After all, a smart contract is the most trusted way to handle such raffles, and it may also serve as a reason for people to start using virtual money.

We strongly advise to buy an entry ticket and carefully read all of the provided information for better understanding of this cutting-edge technology. Oh, and there is also a monthly bonus draw, that’s not something that should be missed.

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