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eternaltoken (XET) Historical Data | Current XET Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price XET. Maximal value of price eternaltoken was 0.2079$ - 2021-01-08 15:00:11, Minimal price of XET was 0.05973$ value and fixed at 2020-10-21 00:00:18. Today price of eternaltoken is : 0$

About eternaltoken

XEC (eternal token) appears where it can only be exchanged on authorized exchanges. Negotiable only on authorized exchanges has the following advantages. • Different legal currencies from different countries are included in a portfolio due to its common portfolio characteristics worldwide. (Multi-currency exchange) • Traceable even if the system is violated. • The XEC value can be divided into a smaller fraction. • Weekly distribution of dividends of 50% of the total transaction fees. • Payable via fi in the currency • Transfer via phone number XEC is a virtual currency that provides various services and dividends via Eternal Wallet. However, there is a barrier in the acquisition of XEC for users who live in countries with no authorized XEC exchanges available. Therefore, one of the features of XET is convenient for users in those countries who purchase XEC indirectly. Also, another merit of XET is that it can be exchanged for other virtual currencies by trading different exchanges of virtual currencies around the world. As for countries with no XEC trade available, XEC cannot be obtained even if you open a portfolio. In addition, there will be no remittances abroad and commercial payments, you will have no advantage in having XEC. (Note: the country’s fiat currency without the authorized XEC exchange available is not negotiable). As one of the features of XEC where users can receive dividends through Eternal Wallet, the downside is that XEC cannot be exchanged for other virtual currencies. However, we have found a solution. By swapping XEC and XET and vice versa, the demerit has been resolved. Furthermore, since they have the corresponding solutions for piracy and incorrect transmission problems, for XEC users who do not need to change their XEC to XET, maintaining the aforementioned XEC can benefit them by earning additional dividends. The method of issuing virtual currencies compatible with XEC and XET is a form of a new virtual currency that solves the disadvantage of general virtual currencies and the disadvantage of the eternal currency and its characteristics.