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essentia (ESS) Historical Data | Current ESS Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ESS. Maximal value of price essentia was , Minimal price of ESS was . Today price of essentia is :

About essentia

The Essentia frame can be loaded from anywhere in the world from a simple seed. For all consumers who need decentralized storage or cryptography exchanges, organizations that require smart contracting skills or developers who want to create blockchain solutions: it’s the most efficient way to experiment and use the new Internet, where encryption rules and data remain under the control of the user. The main properties of Essentia Framework are: • Decentralized modular structure highly customizable for man and machine. • Decentralized digital identification for people and machines. • Untrusted, reliable and secure. Supported by advanced encryption. • Private: only the user has complete and total ownership and control. • A unique personal and personalized environment to manage and interact with multiple IDs, data, resources, decentralized and traditional resources, resources and communications between chains and more. • Decentralized, always available, uninterrupted. • Cross-Chain, Multi-Chain and Multi-Protocol. • Modular, flexible and scalable. • Focused on privacy, anti-censorship, persistent, non-corruptible. • Anonymous and encrypted by default. • Agnostic Agent, Head / less and Automatable / Orchestrable, CLI, UI. • Open source and open hardware, Essentia has software and hardware implementations. • Agnostic language, host agnostic. • Fail-safe and future-proof.