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entanmo (ETM) Historical Data | Current ETM Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ETM. Maximal value of price entanmo was , Minimal price of ETM was . Today price of entanmo is :

About entanmo

En-Tan-Mo is a new generation blockchain based on the Nash equilibrium and the idea of ​​transferring value. Its name derives from Intesa, Transazione and Mobius. The core team of En-Tan-Mo includes Professor Thomas Sargent, leader of the revolution of rational expectations and winner of the Nobel Prize for economics 2011; Professor Sheldon Lee Glashow, the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist who proposed the Great Unified Theory; as well as academics from the California Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland and the Henri Poincare Institute who achieved SHD’s integrity by innovatively incorporating game theory into blockchain development. En-Tan-Mo is a place where SCV miners and the Pareto mining group support and motivate each other under the consent of Kantorovich, a platform that hosts various applications and communities in different block chains and systems not chain. of blocks and a decentralized world in which people desire equality, democracy and true freedom are entitled to their fair share of participation.