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Edgeless Review

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One would think that launching a new gambling site in 2018 is a bad idea since we already have too many bc casinos to choose from. However, cryptocurrency has started a revolution in the online gambling industry, and it’s far from over. The Edgeless site is a bright example that a blockchain casino can still bring important changes. This crypto casino uses Ethereum-based smart contracts to provide a new approach that is gradually attracting users and results in positive reviews. The Edgeless casino has no house edge, hence its name. Although the success of this crypto casino will probably make such practice a worldwide trend, this is still a rare phenomenon. We decided to write an Edgeless review and see whether it has any other features worth gamblers’ attention.


The Edgeless casino is very young as it became accessible in January 2018. You may not see it in some casino rating yet because of the lack of recognition. Our Edgeless review is one of many to come, as there has hardly been a Bitcoin site with such a promising future. Remembering cases when a new slot site suddenly becomes promoted everywhere and taking into account very attractive promises, some people may consider Edgeless scam. However, it has been licensed in Curacao and operates under its laws, like many reliable and well-known bc casinos. Its main flaw so far is that despite it welcoming visitors from all over the globe, gamblers from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and a few more countries are restricted to access the Edgeless site. Many users don’t like such order of things and use services like VPN to play the crypto games at this blockchain casino anyways, considering it safe since their cryptocurrency wallets are anonymous.


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Games is the weakest point of the Edgeless gambling site, simply because there are not hundreds of them like on an average Bitcoin casino. And if you have a favorite slot site, don’t plan on changing it just yet, because the Edgeless crypto casino does not have any slots. In fact, the number of games currently featured on the site is four. That’s right, not four hundred, not four dozens, just four. So, on Edgeless, you get to play Dice, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Crash. A Sportsbook and Poker are announced to be added to the catalog in the nearest future. Hopefully, as the Edgeless casino rating increases, so will the number of games, because it would only benefit from letting the visitors play roulette, bingo, lottery, slots, and other popular games.

The presented gaming options are entertaining enough, although they look very simple, there are no great artwork or animation you are used to seeing in games from Amatic, Ezugi, Netent, iSoftbet, Playtech, Microgaming, Novomatic or other renowned gambling software developers. Crash can only be played with real money, while the other three are available for testing in a demo mode as well.


Before you can start playing with real money in hopes of winning a fortune, you will have to go through a simple Edgeless sign-up process. You will be asked to choose a username, write your email and password. After that, check your email to confirm it and finish the Edgeless sign-up.

The main feature of the Edgeless casino is that it runs on the blockchain technology, providing the unprecedented speed of transactions, security, provability, and anonymity to its customers. The implementation of smart contracts allows this gambling site to run smoothly while offering the transparency no other slot site does.

The Edgeless casino has a plain yet relatively stylish design. It has no extra elements or decorations, screaming it’s a place where money is, but at least it looks modern. You should not expect an app for your Android or iOS device, but the site has a well-fitted mobile version.

The site does not have a live chat feature or a phone to call for support, but that is understandable, as the Edgeless blockchain casino is still a developing project. Nevertheless, the team tried to answer most of the questions anyone would have in the FAQ section, and you can also send an inquiry via email. Another useful feature that many newcomers will find even more helpful is the Edgeless users’ chat which is shown on the right on all of the pages. This way, players can not only share their experience but help each other out without waiting for the support representative to reply them.

Bonuses and Promotions

Expecting any kind of Edgeless bonus at this point would be naïve. There are no VIP programs, welcome Edgeless bonus packages, special promotions, points, or rewards. Perhaps, there will be some in the future, as the site expands. At the moment, however, it’s all about playing the crypto games available on the site and getting the winnings transferred to your anonymous wallet that very moment. The only thing that can be considered an Edgeless bonus is the zero house edge. That is the forte and the most attractive feature of this blockchain casino. Aside from that, its transparency can actually make some gamblers prefer Edgeless to some other bc casinos with generous bonus offers and multiple VIP ranks.

Scam and Privacy

This casino was specifically built on the blockchain technology so that no one would ever think of calling Edgeless scam. Smart contracts are a concept of transparent agreements and conditions for money transfers, and they cannot be altered once created and set in motion. Many users see this technology as the future of gambling because trust has always been an issue in this industry. The Edgeless site is the first step to that future, and they even introduced no house edge to show people their real intentions, which are to demonstrate that experienced gamblers can rely on their skills rather than luck. Fortunately, the site provides all the tools to dispel any thoughts of Edgeless scam actions. Anyone can check the smart contracts the crypto casino has in its core, and the games have the means to verify that they are provably fair on their pages.

Deposits and Withdrawals

All the betting on the site is done using Edgeless own ERC20 token called EDG. To get it, you have to deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum to your account after you complete the Edgeless sign-up. Although the gambling site plans on adding other altcoins like Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Bytecoin, at the moment there are only two choices. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 EDG, and there is also an option to convert the money you won to fiat money. The absence of fees is another advantage of this casino.

The Bottom Line

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At the end of our Edgeless review, we would like to say that even though this gambling site is too different from what we usually deal with, it deserves a place in our casino rating. We have to take into account its short history and the lack of resources not to consider the lack of certain games or complete absence of bonus offers as flaws. While Edgeless can’t compete with other bc casinos in some areas, it has 0% house edge, zero fees, and absolute transparency to balance those negatives out. If you think it’s not worth your attention at the moment, we urge you to follow it closely, because Edgeless has all the potential to become the next big thing.

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