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docademic (MTC) Historical Data | Current MTC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price MTC. Maximal value of price docademic was 0.00415$ - 2020-11-21 01:00:11, Minimal price of MTC was 0.001991$ value and fixed at 2020-11-28 03:00:15. Today price of docademic is : 0$

About docademic

The DOCADEMIC PLATFORM is a unique platform of health services of global origin for the public that starts with the free telemedicine service assisted by Human Doctor-AI (DOCADEMIC application) already in use in 20 countries by thousands of users and an associated set of tools assisted by AI and social networks for the medical community (Docademic for Doctors). Combined, they produce the highest level of free, basic quality medical care that allows anyone to access the benefits and knowledge of medical care that technology now allows. The DOCADEMIC APPLICATION OF THE DOCADEMIC PLATFORM is based on the routing of existing patient data and on the technologies assisted by the artificial intelligence of DOCADEMIC that will soon be enabled for the blockchain. With its ease of use, it becomes the best resource for anyone who needs guidance on a health-related problem: a one-touch system that connects any patient with a doctor through video telemedicine for free, from any country where you find a user. All patients information will be protected in a blockchain and represent perfect access to health services in a blockchain. In comparison, other blockchain projects related to medical care do not have effective access to health services. With our free telemedicine service, we can make the masses benefit from blockchain technology in medical care. The DOCADEMIC PLATFORM DOCADEMIC FOR MEDTORS social network offers continuous medical training, patient references, tools for the daily practice of doctors and real-time reports of epidemiological data for our customers and researchers. At the service of all customer needs and sizes: the DOCADEMIC platform combines its DOCADEMIC application and the DOCADEMIC FOR DOCTORS social network to obtain high-end services, such as real-time geographic epidemiological data reports, automated treatments based on artificial intelligence. and diagnostic suggestions for doctors in private institutes or practices, massive access to patient populations for preventive campaigns and patented advanced DOCADEMIC tools, such as its electronic health registry assisted by artificial intelligence and the digital Vademecum. A universal native token: the MEDICAL TOKEN COIN, MTC is the fuel that will guide all the services provided by DOCADEMIC.