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credittagchain (CTC) Historical Data | Current CTC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price CTC. Maximal value of price credittagchain was , Minimal price of CTC was . Today price of credittagchain is :

About credittagchain

The credit tag chain is designed to be a network of financial assets based on blockchain technology that provides global coverage; It covers C2C personal credit services, as well as B2C institutional financial credit services. It can be further expanded to cover multiple scenarios and financial services, such as invoice, note and digitized asset postings and transactions. Institutions or individuals within the network (called «users») may obtain services or provide services through the accumulation of credit activities, guarantees or loans. The network in the credit tag chain includes a decentralized smart contract based on the credit tag chain (token: CTC), which would help customers access various financial services and help build personal credit information; and help institutions and companies to obtain services such as financing, asset trading, etc. At the same time, all data on the financial behavior of customers, institutions and companies will be recorded in the blockchain, allowing more accurate, more convenient and more secure verification, tracking and requests on user data.