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cred (LBA) Historical Data | Current LBA Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price LBA. Maximal value of price cred was 0.01701$ - 2020-10-23 03:00:09, Minimal price of LBA was 0.002142$ value and fixed at 2021-01-04 10:00:09. Today price of cred is : 0$

About cred

Credito Bilancia is a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere, anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain. Credito Bilancia was launched in July 2018 with crypto-cryptocurrencies and crypto-loans to trustees supported by its industry-leading credit management capability and 4 distinctive partnership networks that form a world-class loan ecosystem, covering: — Own property AI-based artificial intelligence model (s); — customer acquisition and E-Wallet partnership to encourage adoption; — Association of credit institutions and Stablecoin to increase liquidity; — Wide network of exchange associations to minimize non-compliance; — Association network for identity verification to speed up the verification process and KYC. Credito Bilancia is a global initiative with the mission of providing financial inclusion and reducing the costs of financial services. The team has a history of digital credit services across Asia. Driven by its patented big data, credit rating technology based on artificial intelligence and existing global partnership networks, Libra has the experience and skills to carry out its mission.