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counterparty (XCP) Historical Data | Current XCP Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price XCP. Maximal value of price counterparty was , Minimal price of XCP was . Today price of counterparty is :

About counterparty

The counterpart (XCP) was founded by Robby Dermody, Evan Wagner and Adam Krellenstein in 2014, before the popularity of the ICOs. At that time, the participants sent Bitcoin to an address to be burned (Registration Test), a process that eliminates it from all future transactions. In essence, Counterparty extends Bitcoin, enabling smart contracts and providing access to the Lightning network. The counterparty creates assets that are aware of Bitcoin, i.e. it integrates directly with Bitcoin. These, in turn, allow users to create and market these assets at the top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Counterparty implementations include players in the sector, from games (e.g. BitCrystals) to decentralized stock exchange projects (Overstock Medici project) Although the counterpart has vanished from public attention, it is still active in the active development phase, which allows smart contracts through secondary chains: XCP can be used to create new tokens, rewards and even new currencies. With the P2SH (Pay-to-script-hash) protocol, the counterparty makes payment channels possible and allows their use in over-the-counter (OTC) and dark funds markets.