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change (CAG) Historical Data | Current CAG Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price CAG. Maximal value of price change was 0.1322$ - 2020-11-18 05:00:08, Minimal price of CAG was 0.02834$ value and fixed at 2021-01-19 16:00:15. Today price of change is : 0$

About change

Change’s multi-currency portfolio is the cornerstone of the Change ecosystem, a single digital window for personal finance. It allows users to manage their funds, make transactions and payments and access a multitude of financial services. In 2015 Kristjan was part of a venture capital fund that invested in companies that changed the world and generated high returns for investors. Years after years I have seen the same faces: some rich people who could afford to take advantage of the success of the world. An idea began to crumble. What would happen if someone in the world could have access to high yield investments? A year, two investments of angels and many struggles against the status quo after The change was about to become a global movement. In a few days, 5600 people financed our mission to make investments open to the world. The land had been set up for anyone to become an investor.