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Bitcoin Lotteries

Bitcoin remains a sought-out asset many people want to get their hands on. And while some already have a small amount of this cryptocurrency, others only wish to obtain it. There are a lot of ways how that can be achieved, but rarely in a large quantity and without considerable investments. That is why many people choose Bitcoin betting and Bitcoin lotteries in particular. It is possible to win cryptocurrency by playing at online casinos and by betting at sportsbooks. If you enjoy traditional gambling games or have some experience in sports betting, those may be just for you.

Or you may consider another option, where winning does not depend on being an expert of the game and meticulously analyzing the previous matches and building a strategy. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about Bitcoin lotteries. There is no way to win other than by being fortunate, of course.

Playing Lottery in the UK and the US

Despite the abundance of lotteries online, not just any of them will suit your needs. First of all, it’s because there may be certain restrictions for your country that prevent you from participating. Another factor to consider is the currency accepted for purchasing a ticket and paying out the winnings. Thus, you may find a great UK lottery which will be a miss for you. You might have heard of the National Lottery or Irish Lottery, both being around for a while and offering impressive jackpots, yet neither is a Bitcoin lottery. One can argue, of course, that if you win a top prize at such a lottery, you will be able to purchase plenty of Bitcoin. Fair enough, but you cannot use BTC to buy a ticket without exchanging it for fiat currencies first.

Another suggestion is to seek out highly rated gambling portals rather than lottery-only sites. Nowadays, it’s close to impossible to hold the top positions in a casino rating unless the site can boast a truly diverse selection of games. Therefore, you can easily find decent Bitcoin bingo and crypto keno games at such online casinos.

Of course, jackpots will be less impressive here, but you will be able to utilize numerous bonus offers and try other games for a change. If those options are of no interest to you, then surely you will consider Sky Bingo, Mecca Bingo, or Sun Bingo. Jackpots are more satisfying here, although they are not in Bitcoin.

If that cryptocurrency is the key factor for you, then head to Bitcoin lotteries at some of the best-reviewed gambling sites like 1xBit, Fortune Jack, CloudBet, Betcoin, mBit casino.

The US players have to be careful, as Bitcoin lotteries and online gambling as a whole do not have the same legal status across the states yet. You may recall that crypto transactions gained their popularity a lot due to the anonymity on both ends. If you opt for that though, you should understand that you’ll be on your own, and there’ll be no one to complain to in case of misconduct. However, the states have been granted the right to regulate sports betting on their own, which resulted in the launch of the Delaware Sports Lottery. So, it’s possible that other forms of gambling, including Bitcoin lotteries, will soon be within the law in more states.

Tips on Bitcoin Lotteries

You should have a good number of options to choose from by now, so let’s see what else you should keep in mind before playing Bitcoin lotto.

Lotteries running on blockchain are reliable and transparent, but if you do not want to learn how to check that, at least look for state lotteries or sites with gambling licenses.

A less reliable source is reviews left by customers on specific sites and forums. However, those have to be approached very carefully. Positive reviews can be ordered by the sites themselves, while negative feedback may be the work of their opponents. People who have been playing Bitcoin lotteries for some time and failed to win a jackpot also may blame the sites for being scam rather than admitting they just weren’t lucky enough.

In order to help you, we have prepared our own reviews. Check our Betcoin, FortuneJack, or Jackpotjoy review, as well as others and upcoming additions to get a better idea of what to choose.

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