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cargox (CXO) Historical Data | Current CXO Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price CXO. Maximal value of price cargox was 0.01505$ - 2020-12-07 21:00:09, Minimal price of CXO was 0.006909$ value and fixed at 2020-12-30 20:00:14. Today price of cargox is : 0$

About cargox

CargoX is the independent provider of blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading (Smart B / L ™) solutions that provide an extremely fast, secure, reliable and inexpensive way to process your bill of lading anywhere in the world. CargoX has developed a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum network and has a portfolio of future products for the supply chain industry. CargoX’s Smart B / L ™ solution based on Ethereum’s public blockchain completely replaces old school bill of lading documents and guides the processing of the bill of lading extremely quickly, safely, reliably and economically, anywhere in the world. However, the release of goods is only one of the headaches that Smart B / L ™ resolves. In addition to the countless benefits include the integrated file and unlimited expandability. The IoT, banking and financial associations will soon lead to value-added services such as location of the load (location, movements, temperature, origin / manufacturer), insurance, quality control and bank custody services through the Smart Credit Letter. In collaboration with MakerDAO, we plan to facilitate the first payment and settlement of the chain load using the DAI stable cryptographic currency. BlockX-supported CargoX Smart B / L ™ offers users a service that exceeds a fraction of the cost (<$ 15). CargoX Smart B / L ™ users can transfer ownership rights to the cargo securely and transparently in seconds rather than weeks.