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carat (CARAT) Historical Data | Current CARAT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price CARAT. Maximal value of price carat was , Minimal price of CARAT was . Today price of carat is :

About carat

The evolution of the world economy has been almost identical for each product. Hundreds of years of direct exchanges of real physical goods have finally given way to more sophisticated financial markets built on them. This update allows markets to expand while remaining more secure. Only among all other physical products, only the diamond market has never taken the next (and necessary) step and without commodification, the diamond trade will remain defective, unrefined and closed. However, the much needed transformation is taking place now. Using the latest technological developments, Carats.io has created a cutting edge algorithm that has standardized the evaluation of the price of precious stones and compares the individual diamond grade with the daily market conditions. This standardizes and automates a primitive market, allowing Carats.io to unlock the world’s first diamond financial market. By marketing the diamond market, Carats.io has made the product accessible to all users who no longer have to rely on hard-to-find experiences. Investors can purchase CARAT tokens, a digital currency supported by diamonds, which can be redeemed in the real diamond market. Being linked to a physical product with an average annual appreciation of 5-6%, the CARAT token remains one of the most stable and promising assets. In addition to being a rational use of capital, the CARAT token will also function as a means of payment that will help strengthen the diamond and jewelry industry in two ways: allowing members of the cryptocurrency world to buy diamonds and jewelry, and As a method B2B payments between the same members of the diamond industry. Carats.io combines high technology, a solid foundation within the cryptography community and strategic partnerships in the diamond sector to sit in the driver’s seat of an exciting ecosystem that leads millions of people to the convergence of the cryptography and diamonds markets.