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Bustabit Casino Review

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If you want to know whether a Bitcoin casino with just one game can become popular and be included in a reliable casino rating, the short answer is yes. And if you are even more intrigued now, we will elaborate on this in our Bustabit review. This sensational gambling site is surely no competition for bc casinos like Betcoin, Fortune Jack, Bitstarz, and others, but it has a steady following and mainly positive reviews. According to the description on Bustabit, it is not a slot site or a regular crypto casino but a social gambling game. What this means is that you will be competing against other players in a chase to be a victorious one. It is a very dynamic and exciting game that fills players with adrenaline. What else has this Bustabit casino got to offer? And does it have anything else? We’re about to find out!


The Bustabit site has been available to gamblers as a Bitcoin casino since 2014. It is a completely original site created by MoneyPot SRL company whose license was issued in Costa Rica. It is crucial to understand that Bustabit is nothing like any slot site or blockchain casino you have encountered before. Well, maybe the latter have something in common with this gambling site, but it’s not like there is a complete copy of it anywhere which is often observed with bc casinos.

Bustabit does not have an Android or iOS app to download, but one look at this crypto casino is enough to realize that it was designed to be perfectly displayed on the screens of mobile devices. The design of the site is the first thing that catches a visitor’s attention as it looks nothing like an average blockchain casino. There are no tabs and menus at the top of the page, all that you need to have access to is presented as icons and buttons. The style and layout are very simplistic and 2018. Players know exactly what they come here for and do not waste time opening various tabs with hundreds of crypto games in mindless search for something special.


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Speaking of games, there are no traditional gambling site entries like poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, dice, lottery, or slots. You won’t find a sportsbook here and, unlike some other small bc casinos, Bustabit does not seem to be planning on expanding and introducing new gaming options. And even if it is, those will definitely not be from Amatic, Ezugi, PlayTech, Netent, iSoftBet, Igrosoft, or Novomatic. No, they will be in-house games built on smart contracts and the blockchain technology. But for the time being, let’s focus on the one game available at this crypto casino.

The Bustabit casino game can be compared to dice, only it’s an online multiplayer game. It’s played in the following way: players place their bets, after which the multiplier starts going up until it crashes. Once it does, the round is over. Those players, who managed to press the cash out button in time, receive their winnings according to the multiplier they chose to stop at. Those who missed that chance in the hopes of getting rewarded for their boldness with the jackpot lose, and their wagers constitute the money pot, used to pay out the winners and the future pools.

The looks of the game are nothing fancy; it’s just a scale with the multiplier values and a curve that is going upwards. This is a good proof that many gamblers don’t need a slot site with gorgeously looking games as long as the game concept makes them hold their breaths when that black line starts crawling upwards. And the stakes are real! No one knows when the curve is going to crash, a second after the game has begun or at x10, x100, or even x1000.

So, there is no playing safe here, and it’s probably the embodiment of a real game of fortune. Well, no, you can play safe and even manage to beat the house edge which is only 1%, but what’s the fun in that? At some point, everyone wants to outsmart the Bitcoin casino, even though the game’s outcome is completely random.


There aren’t some special features that you get after completing the Bustabit sign-up. It’s pretty much the same things you see when simply visiting the Bustabit site, only now you will be a member. The registration process can be extremely quick and take no more than 10 seconds if you choose so. The thing is, the Bustabit sign-up only requires you to provide a username, and the password is already generated for you and linked to your IP address. Providing an email is also not necessary to complete the Bustabit sign-up, although it’s recommended for recovery options.

So, speaking of features, there is a chat you can use to speak to other players during the game. And the Bustabit casino is more than just a place to risk and win money, it’s a community. Therefore, you can tip other players or arrange currency exchange.

There’s no customer support as such, and all questions can be answered by visiting the FAQ section, Bustabit Bitcointalk thread, or asking other players in the chat.

Two more features worth mentioning in our Bustabit review are advanced autobet, allowing experienced users to use scripts for betting, and bankrolling. The latter means that players can opt to place wagers on the house and receive a percentage of the bankroll in case the house wins.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

There’s no Bustabit bonus program to speak of now, but we hear it’s coming soon. No further details are available at the moment, whether it will be a welcome Bustabit bonus for those who join and make their first deposit or something less predictable. As of now, the only way to receive a Bustabit bonus is by cashing out the last before the curve crashes. That is because the site collects 1% from every bet and hands all of it over to the lucky winner.

Scam, Privacy & Policy

The blockchain casino is provably fair, but it wasn’t at the beginning of its story. Many concerned players considered Bustabit scam, so it was decided to allow everyone to check that it was not. Players could see the internal code, and later a provably fair concept came along to bust any remaining suspicions of the Bustabit scam practices.

The Bustabit casino uses reliable tools to protect the site and the funds from any attacks or failures. Players don’t have to worry about the safety of their personal information on Bustabit; scam artists will get nothing since participation on the site is completely anonymous.

Deposit & Withdrawal

If you have some Ethereum, Litecoin, Bytecoin, or Dogecoin you want to put to good use, you will first have to exchange them for Bitcoin. That is the only accepted currency on the Bustabit site. Gamblers with fiat money will have to do the same. Despite its rising popularity and a high casino rating, this gambling site does not support Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and other standard payment methods.

The Bottom Line

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Bustabit is in no way an alternative to the best sites that can be found at the top of the casino rating. Nevertheless, we consider this a favorable Bustabit review. This blockchain casino is just different from the regular gambling options, but that does not mean it’s any less exciting. And it certainly provides visitors with a chance to win some good money. We’re eager to see what the Bustabit creators have to offer in the future.

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