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bodhi (BOT) Historical Data | Current BOT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price BOT. Maximal value of price bodhi was , Minimal price of BOT was . Today price of bodhi is :

About bodhi

Bodhi, the next-generation blockchain-based forecasting market, leverages next-generation decentralized forecasting markets by integrating third-party and decentralized oracles based on voting through its level of Oracle abstraction. Bodhi will initially be deployed in the Qtum. As more users around the world access the Internet from mobile devices rather than desktop computers, mobile computing will become increasingly important for forecasting markets. Qtum combines the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum to offer a better user experience on mobile devices. Event prediction is a time consuming problem, but the smart contract can only depend on the number of blocks to estimate the time. However, Ethereum has not yet implemented the Stake Test (PoS). As the current work test (PoW) of the Ethereum Difficulty Pump starts to take effect, the blocking time increases exponentially, which significantly affects the estimated forecast time. Qtum, which is different from Ethereum, will ensure block time stability by introducing PoS at the beginning of its launch. Bodhi will initially be distributed to Qtum to avoid existing problems with Ethereum.