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bobsrepair (BOB) Historical Data | Current BOB Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price BOB. Maximal value of price bobsrepair was , Minimal price of BOB was . Today price of bobsrepair is :

About bobsrepair

The Prandecki brothers have been providing services to the home repair industry since 2014, communicating with over 50,000 customers for their home repair needs ranging from electricity, HVAC, plumbing, maintenance personnel, landscape architecture, pool service and more. . The Prandecki brothers realized that there were three fundamental problems in the home repair sector: false information due to audit fraud, hidden costs due to advertising costs and inflated prices due to the lack of price transparency. The Prandecki brothers, along with blockchain experts and software engineers, founded Bob’s Repair with the mission of launching a decentralized platform to restore confidence and consumer prices. Bob’s Repair is rapidly increasing its operations in the Las Vegas market and has just started testing operations in Phoenix, San Antonio and Miami. I am in the process of expanding and growing a strong presence across the country, starting with Phoenix, San Antonio, Miami, Sacramento, Chicago and other cities across the country. His plan is to change prices in the United States in the home repair and new construction sector, eliminating audit fraud, price increases and market ambiguities. By posting all transactions and reviews using a new technology called Blockchain, they can: Eliminate intermediaries. Provide fair and excellent service to people. Give independence to workers.