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bluewhaletoken (BWX) Historical Data | Current BWX Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price BWX. Maximal value of price bluewhaletoken was , Minimal price of BWX was . Today price of bluewhaletoken is :

About bluewhaletoken

The Blue Whale Foundation is a decentralized ecosystem that allows freelancers to thrive. Blue Whale wants to empower the independent community by rewarding self-employed workers with a fair share of the value they create. In the context of technology disruptions and relocations, the «concert / share economy» is thriving worldwide. Freelancers will represent a whopping 58% of the American workforce. UU. By 20271. As a result, peer reserve platforms such as AirBnB and Uber have seen a meteoric increase in demand accompanying these changes in the labor market. However, the growing dominance of these tech giants has a dark side for workers in the concerted / shared economy. None of the service providers that depend on these platforms for living are real employees of these tech giants. Legally hired as a «contractor»; They suffer from three main problems: 1) high commission rates; 2) exorbitant marketing and advertising costs; and 3) a lack of security that prevents them from becoming successful small business owners. The ICO of the Blue Whale Foundation is ready to shake the jackpot of the concert and share the economy by exploiting the blockchain as a decentralized register to eliminate the technology giants who are currently the greatest intermediaries between freelancers and their customers.