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Bitcoin Slot Machines

When we think of online casino games, we know slots are the most widely used and the first thought of any casino makes you think of a slot machine. Slots are inseparably connected to off- and online casinos, and their presence is inevitable in all gambling clubs, thus making them the mainstream attraction for lots of gamblers all over the world. It’s because they’re entertaining, they don’t require big bets and they offer high winning chances. Today, gambling sites use cryptocurrencies to let the bitcoin holders enjoy these fun games.

Some of the users might wonder what is the difference between the ordinary online casino slots and those based on bitcoin. They are the same with the only difference: currency. However, the advantages of using cryptocurrency are obvious. As it is becoming more popular each month, it’s easy to realize that people see all the benefits of using bitcoin in comparison with traditional money. It’s safe, secure, and doesn’t require extra fees. Its usage excludes any third parties’ attempts to steal your privacy and trace your activity. Additionally, Bitcoin has a stable value, no matter in which country you are using it.

An Impressive Number of games for any taste

A variety of themes, rewards, and bonus offers is amazing in most online bitcoin casinos. The best and the most profitable slot machines are logically the most preferred by gamblers and listed in the top charts. Eminent software developers provide the most trustworthy games in terms of design and functionality. So, if you see the developer’s name in the game description, you have a reason to give it a try. Some sites have an enormous choice of up to several hundred games. Most contemporary casinos allow their users to test some of the games in a free version, so they are able to make sure the game is really going to satisfy their needs. As soon as they find their game, they stay with the service and enjoy its benefits.

A Variety of BTC Slot Games

All kinds of slots are now available in online casinos to satisfy different demands of all the gamblers who own bitcoins. When you only register and make your first deposit, you have an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the casino’s gifts among which are free spins. You can also get additional money which you can use in certain casino games, but spins are usable in slot games only. Taking into consideration their huge popularity, bonus spins really seem to be what any gambler needs.

The first slots were normally with three reels. All of them rotated with different speed to finally stop and form a combination of images in the central line. If the images match, the player wins. As new technologies were developing and new ideas appeared in the creators’ minds, new types of slot machines came into existence. Now, gamblers can enjoy 5- and 7-reel slots. The basic rules are mostly the same, with the only difference of increased game options, improved graphics, and more paylines. In these video slots, images can be matched diagonally, and even in a zig-zag shape.

Some of the slots are connected to the progressive jackpot system. This means that all the users contribute to the jackpot fund by making bets, and all of them have a chance to get this prize. As soon as the jackpot is taken, the process of accumulation starts again. Certainly, the requirements here are also different, in comparison with ordinary slot games. Probably, you will need to make bigger bets and comply with additional rules in order to be able to qualify for the biggest win. Read the game description attentively before you start.

As you have noticed, the choice of games is really impressive. You can select between different styles, graphics, dimensions, audio effects, number of reels, and additional opportunities. Take your time to test some of them in a demo version, and enjoy your favorite slot machine.

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