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Bitcoin Lottery Review


Whether you are an experienced gambler or someone who has not visited a single online casino, Bitcoin Lottery will most likely not ring any bells for you. This is because it is a very straightforward site with no bitcoin slots, classic casino games, or bonus offers. There is no way it could ever get a high casino rating or compete with any more or less decent crypto casino. You’re probably asking yourself, why would we even consider writing this review with some of the top 2018 online casinos out there? To let you know where to win some bitcoin absolutely for free, that’s why.

Bitcoin Lottery only has one thing to offer, and it’s already mentioned in its name. However, if you are only considering entering online gambling world and want to try winning a fortune at bitcoin slots without risking any of your own cash, this is the place you should first go to. Although it sounds pretty amazing, it doesn’t make much sense, right? At first, we thought so too, but later we understood there was no catch here. Keep reading to find out how that’s possible.


There is no information about the site owners or the specifics of its operation and legal regulation, so we will get straight to the point.

Bitcoin Lottery seems like more of a personal project with a goal to explore possibilities the blockchain technology offers to online gambling. It is a self-sustainable site which generates income by running ads. This money is used to compose a prize fund, winning which requires no monetary investment from players. This, in its turn, helps to attract more visitors and get more traffic. Despite such a great concept, the number of active users is not very high.

The lack of popularity can be explained by the Bitcoin Lottery’s jackpot, which usually doesn’t constitute any significant sums of money. Surely, you can win more by playing at a regular online casino, bitcoin-based or not, and have better odds. But then again, you first have to make a deposit and spend some time examining the sites’s conditions and getting the hang of the game.


Speaking of games, Bitcoin Lottery is as simple to play as it can get. As mentioned before, you won’t get bitcoin slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, or at least poker here. There’s only a lottery and nothing more.

So, how do you participate if there’s no betting? You sign up, and, well, that’s pretty much it. The winner is determined on a daily basis and announced on the site. And this is an important thing to remember: you won’t get any notifications. To generate enough traffic for holding this lottery, the site owner decided to make participants check the site once a day to see if they were lucky.

Should you recognize your username next to the winning address, you must claim the prize within 24 hours from the drawing. You will see the button saying “Claim the prize” on the site. If you fail to do this in the specified period of time you are given, the prize fund will be considered unclaimed and added to the following day’s jackpot.

From what we have seen in the Bitcoin Lottery archive, prizes can be unclaimed for a few weeks straight. This is understandable; people simply get tired of checking the site every day or forget to do it. And that is what the most patient participants may benefit from, should they win a jackpot that has been growing for a while and manage to claim it in time.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

Did you really expect to see any promotions here? There are none; you won’t get any bonus code or invitation to a VIP program. There is no Bitcoin Lottery deposit bonus either because there are no deposits. Honestly, that seems fair enough, and since you don’t spend any money here, the whole thing can be considered as a bonus offer.


Apart from the quick registration process that requires no more than entering your email and bitcoin wallet address resulting in anonymous participation, there are no features that can be mentioned.

Considering the almost non-existing site design and the absence of any games at Bitcoin Lottery, mobile version is not even needed. However, if you want to check the daily results using your Android or iOS device instead of a desktop computer or a laptop, you should not experience ay difficulties with that.

Scam, Privacy & Policy

While falling in line the Provably Fair system is an absolute must for an online casino nowadays, there are no mentions of it at on the Bitcoin Lottery. Casino requirements don’t really seem to fit this site, if you ask us. What kind of proof of not being a scam would anyone expect from a lottery that doesn’t require any money to participate? Sure, it would be nice to know how the winner is determined. It’s said to be a random selection, but there is no way to know that for sure. Anyway, we still don’t think there’s much profit in fooling the Bitcoin Lottery participants. And, honestly, all you will ever lose here is a couple of minutes a day needed for checking the results.

There is a page with brief answers to most questions you could have about the lottery. Nevertheless, if you do want to find out something that is missing on the site, you can use a contact form or an email to ask for clarifications. Don’t expect an instant response though, as the site is probably run by no more than a couple of people. Considering they have to post the results every day, that is probably when they check all the incoming mail as well.

Deposit & Withdrawal

You now know there are no deposits. But what about withdrawal in case you win? Once you claim the prize, it is automatically transferred to the bitcoin wallet address you provided during registration. Unfortunately, bitcoin is the only currency used here. So if you want to use your prize for playing at a crypto casino that requires, for example, litecoin, dogecoin, or ethereum, you’ll have to get them at a cryptocurrency exchange.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a fully-fledged crypto casino, there are plenty of those on the Internet. Bitcoin Lottery is as far from that as a gambling site can be. However, it is not something you stumble across very often. We found the idea behind the site very fresh and attractive. In the right hands, the site could really flourish, and a few extra features would help to promote it.

As of now, we don’t think it’s even eligible to get a casino rating. Bitcoin Lottery is a very simple site with one single goal. It doesn’t promise a lot, so you can’t really ask a lot of it. But if you don’t mind checking the site once a day, which can be easily done using your mobile phone, then go on and sign up. After all, there are not that many users and some of them fail to claim the prize before the next round, so you might actually have the best chances of winning.

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