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Betting on Sports with Bitcoin

There are several basic reasons why online gambling remains so popular with new sites appearing all the time. First of all, an adrenaline rush and dreams of winning a fortune are obviously the main factors. The variety of options is the second reason as everyone will find something for himself, be it poker tournaments, slots, sports betting, virtual games, or something else.

Finally, the casino owners are interested in keeping their clients satisfied and do their best to follow all the trends, also attracting new gamblers. That is why online gambling was one of the first areas to successfully implement cryptocurrency.

Advantages of a Bitcoin-only Sportsbook

While there were many old-school online casinos that simply added virtual money as another payment method, there appeared new sites which were only supporting Bitcoin. This currency was created as an alternative to the traditional banking system. The transactions are much faster, they are safe, and people can pay and get paid with Bitcoin without revealing their identities. These criteria alone made gambling with Bitcoin very attractive, but to be able to compete with the existing industry leaders, many Bitcoin-only sports betting sites offer unique conditions for its customers. For example, most of them have no-fee transactions and a low or zero house edge.

Figuring out the Best BTC Sportsbook

Unfortunately, we cannot just suggest a single sports betting site that you would immediately deem as the best. That’s not how things work because there are many factors that could affect your impressions. Instead, we’ll equip you with the tips on what to take into account.

First, make sure you can access the site and use all of its features. Some sportsbooks restrict access from certain countries.

Then, check if there are sports and leagues you are most interested in. Usually, there are no problems with the major events, but some less widespread games may not be featured.

Finally, some sites may require ID verification even though they may be using Bitcoin as their main or only currency. If that’s an issue for you, there are many top-rated sports betting sites that don’t ask you to provide any personal details.

The Best Bitcoin Sportsbook is the One You Can Trust

Once you find a perfect sports betting site for yourself, you need to know it can be trusted. We make sure to do that for you in our reviews, but you may want to go with some other sportsbook you found yourself. In that case, check the licensing and certificates first. Also, unless the site has a long history over which it managed to prove itself trustworthy, look for reviews on online gambling.

Last but not least, cryptocurrency introduced provably fair gaming, meaning that some sites provide the means to assure that everything was played without cheating. So, treacherous betting sites stand no chance against decent and open competitors.

The Bottom Line

As mentioned before, we cannot offer you one single option, and we would like to advise against those sites that say they can. That’s a promise no one can keep, although sometimes a lucky coincidence makes it seem as if it worked. Rather than hope for such a coincidence, we are offering you a list of sites we have reviewed with an indication of the most important details like betting options, accepted currencies, special offers, etc. After that, it’s up to you to pick one or several of them that meet your requirements.

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