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atn (ATN) Historical Data | Current ATN Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ATN. Maximal value of price atn was , Minimal price of ATN was . Today price of atn is :

About atn

ATN is a global artificial intelligence API market where developers, technology vendors and buyers come together to access and develop new and innovative forms of A.I. technology, effectively building the next generation of artificial intelligence in a reliable and collaborative environment. ATN relies on a new generation blockchain enabled for smart contracts to provide AIaaS. ATN creates an environment that offers DApps quick and secure access to A.I. capacity and services To achieve this goal, ATN will create and ensure the growth of a DBots / DApps ecosystem. With blockchain technology, ATN uses a combination of encryption and token technology to protect proprietary and A.I. algorithms, which allows for rapid marketing and adoption. This will reduce the entry barrier for companies wishing to use A.I. Affordable Solutions Developers can share their work on the market with the knowledge that their technology is insured and that they will be paid for their work. ATN manages, promotes and encourages the creation and collaboration of technology to help A.I. The industry improves development efficiency, to encourage adoption in the vertical sectors of the sector.