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arionum (ARO) Historical Data | Current ARO Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ARO. Maximal value of price arionum was , Minimal price of ARO was . Today price of arionum is :

About arionum

Arionum offers a secure electronic payment system that facilitates integration with new and existing PHP applications. Web developers who already understand PHP can easily create new blockchain-based applications or integrate Arionum into their existing applications. Arionum can automatically resize itself without degraded performance. It offers a fixed rate of 0.25% on all transactions (maximum 10 AROs) and has a dynamic transaction limit per block which allows you to keep up with an increasing number of transactions. Arionum has no prized coins, an 8-year mining period, no developer fees and an exclusive HYBRID mining system that shares prizes with CPU miners, GPU miners and masternodes. One of the main advantages of Arionum is that it has been completely coded from scratch in PHP, one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. Any PHP developer in the world can now build applications at the top of the blockchain using the tools they are already familiar with.