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allsports (SOC) Historical Data | Current SOC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price SOC. Maximal value of price allsports was 0.00365$ - 2020-11-25 12:00:21, Minimal price of SOC was 0.002497$ value and fixed at 2020-10-27 15:00:16. Today price of allsports is : 0$

About allsports

With the growing popularity of blockchain technology, the All Sports public blockchain hopes to fill the space for blockchain-based applications in the sports sector through blockchain technology, which is a sunrise industry worldwide. world. The public blockchain of All Sports uses blockchain technology, which combines application and business situations of the sports sector and the sports ecosystem chain and will release its native All Sports Coin (SOC) cryptographic token for use in the Everyone chain. public sports blocks. With the help of smart contracts and token systems, it offers convenient payments and application development agreements and development agreements and the ecosystem is designed to support sports information and open community platforms, the exchange of IP sports resources and promotional platforms, platforms entertainment forecasting, open application platforms, etc. Ecosystem developers and partners could develop and access their applications and resources in the All Sports public blockchain and quickly acquire customers through open information and community platforms. In addition, these ecosystem partners can achieve their goal of transferring value and consumption of tokens through promotional and trading platforms for sports IP assets, entertainment forecasting platforms and open application platforms. The role of the All Sports public blockchain is to help developers finalize application development and resource monetization using SOC with the key application APIs. The goal of the Foundation is to create a decentralized and globalized blockchain sports platform that is deeply rooted in the ecosystem of the sports sector, which allows the free flow of exchange and transmission of values ​​by all users and participants of the sector and a variety of blockchain-based applications. In the sports sector.