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A Few Popular Blockchain Games Worth Playing

First, the online gambling world faced some changes and welcomed a lot of newcomers with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and now people who prefer playing online games outside of casinos also have a few options to choose from. The blockchain technology proves that it can be applied in various ways, often unpredictable. It brought to life a number of games that may have seemed old-fashioned, yet there is no such thing when cryptocurrencies are involved.

And while these games built on blockchain usually do not let players earn virtual money directly, they allow receiving what is known as cryptocollectibles. Those are virtual objects obtained in the game that tend to become more valuable over time due to their distinct and unique characteristics. Just like some artifacts from online RPG games like World of Warcraft can be sold for real money, getting hands on cryptocollectibles promises generating some nice profits. This is also the reason more and more people get involved with cryptocurrencies and become interested in the blockchain technologies. Considering that was one of the main goals of these games, their creators can be proud of contributing to the growth of the community. Besides, this goes to prove that blockchain can be used to create practically anything, and it still holds a lot of surprises. We still have not seen the full potential of this technology, but let’s focus on the blockchain games for now and check a few of the most popular ones.


CryptoKitties was created by a Canadian company Axiom Zen with a goal to make people more interested in the blockchain technology and to showcase its possibilities. Considering that the game became incredibly popular, they have clearly succeeded in that. It even caused overload to the Ethereum network resulting in delays in the operation of some other Ethereum smart contracts, as a great deal of resources was used to verify players’ actions in the game.

CryptoKitties uses Ethereum smart contracts to let players buy and breed digital cats, which are the game’s cryptocollectibles. In fact, each cat is a smart contract with its own specific attributes, defining its value. Once you buy cats and breed them to get a new generation, you will see how valuable each of them is based on how rare and unique it is. There have been cases when some cats became worth hundreds of thousands of dollars equivalent in Ether.


You guessed it right, this game has a similar concept, only you don’t get to breed celebrities, simply buy and trade them. This can be seen as a blockchain analog of good-old collecting of cards or posters featuring various popular personas from sports, show business, politics, etc. CryptoCelebrities is also built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts.

You can buy, sell, or trade celebrity cards with photos of certain well-known people. The initial price of each card is 0.0001 ETH, and when you decide to resell it, it becomes twice more. This goes on, based on how many people want to get their hands on a card, willing to pay twice its previous value. Some of the most popular and most expensive cards include those featuring Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, and others.

The prices for one card reach hundreds of ETHs, and within the first day from its launch, the volume of traded CryptoCelebrities constituted over one million dollars in ETH.


It’s difficult to imagine that the rise in cryptocollectibles wouldn’t inspire anyone to use this opportunity for something more than breeding digital cats and trading cards with celebrities. We are talking about fantasy games and medieval adventures, traditionally involving various magical artifacts and valuable items. Someone must have thought the same and created EtherWare, an Ethereum-based game in a medieval setting.

Although the game may strike you like something too different from the previous two games, its cryptocollectibles are actually of the same type as cats from CryptoKitties, non-fungible ERC-721 tokens. The value of these items is once again determined by their unique attributes and the market demand for such objects. Players get to collect various gear, find the treasure hidden in chests, and trade those in the marketplace within the game. Something no game with kitties or celebrities can offer is a battle mode allowing players to fight each other. There is a lot of excitement to be had while discovering and earning valuable items, besides finding out some possibilities offered by the blockchain technology.

Spells of Genesis

By now, you have seen that Ethereum blockchain offers more than just a convenient cryptocurrency. However, building games can also be done using other blockchains, in this case, Bitcoin. Spells of Genesis also opens doors to a fantasy world, only this time the game incorporates features of a trading card game and an old-school arcade adventure.

Spells of Genesis was created by a Swiss-based company Everdreamsoft and is claimed to be the first card trading Bitcoin blockchain game. The developers used Magic the Gathering and similar strategy card games as inspiration. Arts and characters look well drawn and add to the classic feel of an online fantasy game.

In Spells of Genesis, players can use Bitcrystals, the game currency, to trade cards, which, as expected, are valued differently based on their rarity and the advantages they give to the owner. There are also some special cards, various maps, and even an option of combining a number of cards into one more powerful and valuable card.

The Future of Blockchain Games

As you can see, some progress can already be spotted in blockchain games that become more and more complex, incorporating features of some cult games. We can say for sure that there will be more of those, as developers will want to explore more of the potential the blockchain technology offers in this field. Besides, people will be eager to earn virtual money while playing a game in their favorite genre, so we can expect a wider variety of options in the nearest future. And even if you haven’t seen anything that reminds you of your favorite game in this short list we prepared, consider playing them to get some sweet cryptocollectibles. Once you sell them, you can spend the profit any way you want. And don’t forget to tell your friends, cryptocommunity needs more members to develop faster and better blockchain technologies.

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