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777Coin Casino Review

777Coin Casino Review


18Games: Jackpot Slots, Roulette, Video Poker, Pyra Plunder, Bit Spin, Bit Drop, Baccarat, Poker, Bits & Bars, Blackjack, Bit Boxes, Satoshi Slider
Features: 2FA, referral program, mobile version, support via email, jackpot, affiliate reward system
Withdrawal & Fees: a 0.25 mBTC fee applies for withdrawals

General Description

Those who want to be surrounded with luxury graphics in a deluxe online casino with 3D bitcoin slots might be disappointed when they first enter 777Coin Casino. However, you should check out what it has to offer before you start looking for a more attractive place with a better casino rating. Even though it does not offer you a standard set of bonuses many gamblers are used to, it has something else instead.

Its design is very simple and the site of 777Coin Casino seems to have nothing interesting for a picky gambler. Also, you will not be amazed by the choice of games which seem to be custom-made. But one thing is certain about this crypto casino: you can deposit all kinds of alternative currencies, multiply your funds and be sure that your anonymity is fully protected. Maybe, you will not find this casino in top lists, but give it a chance and see how amazing it is.

A Bit of History

Like many other crypto casinos with a good reputation, 777Coin Casino was created in 2013. If you knew this site since the first days, you would notice that it hasn’t really changed during these 5 years. According to the site administration, in 2018 they continue working on new ideas, but, to be honest, new games and features do not appear really often.

If you go to the Contact Us section, you will see that the site owners are related to the Bitcointalk forums. Thus, the CEO is Lightlord and technical director is Zodiac, whose profiles can be found on the forums and contacted directly in case of need.

Check out the games catalog below. The number of games is not impressive, but they are all provably fair.

Games catalog

There are 18 games at your disposal in this crypto casino, and 50% of them are made by the casino developers. You will not find eminent provider names you are used to seeing in other bitcoin casinos, such as Playtech, Amatic, Netent or Microgaming. Actually, these games seem to be created by the site owners themselves, which should not scare off gamblers. Let’s see what they have prepared.

You can enter the game menu from the top panel by clicking the button. There are several categories of games, each containing a few options. You can choose from Table games, which are represented with classics: BJ, Roulette, and Baccarat. Card games are actually variants of poker. You can also try out Jackpot Slots with Bits and Bars, Suits and Sevens, and Jewels and Gems. The last but not the least is the group of unique games. The thing is that they can’t be found anywhere except this online casino. Let’s see some of them.

Bit Spin is a very simple game, the result of which is based only on the player’s luck. Make your bet, choose the multiplier from 1.05 to 15 and press the «Spin» button. Your win will be multiplied (or not) depending on the sector the arrow is pointing when the wheel stops.

Bit Drop is a multiple betting options game, the result of which is based on a chosen color. The players have to guess where the bit will fall. Another version of this game is Super Bit Drop. It only differs by the possible sum you can win.

Bit Boxes is a guessing game. The purpose is to find you which boxes are the winning ones. You can choose the number of boxes to play with. It can vary between 2 and 256. The number of bets and prizes can also be adjusted by the player. All these modifications influence the winning chances and the amount of a possible win. The more boxes you choose, the lower the odds are, but at the same time, the potential win total increases.

Satoshi Slider is an entertaining game with easy rules. This is another one which will show how lucky you are. You need to pick a number between 1 and 63,411 and start the game. The random number generator will display a number. If it is smaller than your choice, you win.

The lower number means the lower chances to win, thus you might be lucky to win big. Here, you also have a chance to win a jackpot.

One more Box game is Seven Boxes. The purpose is to pick a number of boxes the color of which will match the winning combination indicated at the right of the grid with hidden numbers. If you make a bet of 25 mBTC and guess the most complicated combination at the top twice, you qualify for a jackpot.

Pyramid Plunder. Your purpose here is to get from the top of the pyramid to its bottom by choosing the correct path. This means that you have to guess which tiles you should click in order to go down step by step and skip all the hidden traps. The sum of numbers you open will be the amount you win in the end.

Promo and Bonuses

What you might find really sad about 777Coin Casino are insufficient bonus offers. As we all know, the casino rating is influenced by many factors, and one of them is the availability of bonuses for the players of all levels. However, there are several options which you can use to get some free bitcoins. Be prepared that there is no such easy thing as entering a bonus code or receiving a bonus for your deposit right away.

One of the options is to send a referral link to the people you know. As soon as they sign up and start playing in the casino, you will get your share of bonus Bitcoins. Thus, you will get a certain part of the money when they make bets, and which is even more attractive, you will get a part of the jackpot they win. If they win, of course.

Another way to get a bonus is to go to Bitcointalk forum and following the instructions, add your username in a required format. Daily posts may bring you 0.01 BTC regularly. Read the rules of posting and find out more about available bonuses in 2018.

Special Opportunities

Not all online casinos have downloadable apps. Sometimes it is not necessary, as their sites are well-adapted for mobile devices. Thus, you can use your iOS or Android phone and a browser in order to get to the mobile casino version.

In case you need assistance in solving any of technical issues, you will not be able to contact them through live chat. The process will take longer with their messaging system or a contact form. These two options are usually very helpful, but the replies are not immediate.

The site is not overloaded with information and games, but anyway, an informative blog or FAQ area would be a nice addition, especially it would be useful for those who try online betting for the first time.

User Protection and Privacy Policy

It will be surprising, but the bottom part of the site doesn’t contain any information about registration and certification of 777Coin Casino.

Together with the fact that the games are home-made, it may seem really disturbing. But a good thing is that all the games are mentioned as provably fair, which means that any player can check the results at any moment. The Proof section contains comprehensive information about how to check the game. The ability to see how each game results are created seems to be more reliable than any certificate the meaning of which you might not even understand.

If you decide to sign up you have several ways to handle it. One way is an automatically created profile. the casino generates your name and a unique link which you will use to enter the site from any device. Otherwise, you can use a QR code to access the site in total anonymity.

Another way is the creation of a full user account. Here they apply a two-step authentication for increased security. Your data is well-protected, so you can make bets in a poker room, play slots and all the other games in complete anonymity.

Withdraw your Winnings

777Coin is a crypto casino accepting Bitcoin and alternative currencies. You can make your deposit in ETH, DOGE, LITE and many other digital currencies. The possible deposit amount starts from 1 mBTC or its equivalent in any other cryptocurrency.

You can withdraw your winnings only to the BTC wallet. Also, there are no limitations for withdrawal sum. One thing is confusing here, as it is rather difficult to find the withdrawal button. It would be more convenient if the site owners came up with the idea how to highlight this button and bring it to a more visible area of the site.

Pros and Cons

This online casino is a good option for those who do not chase luxury design and super-features with tons of bonus offers. Here, you will dive into the atmosphere of the first crypto casinos and see what they were like five years ago. The fact that this casino continues working in 2018 means that they still have enough customers who appreciate simplicity and retro style.
One of the biggest advantages here is the opportunity to play games without having to sign up, as a user profile can be created in an automatic mode. You can use any kind of cryptocurrency here and enjoy unusual games you will not find elsewhere.

Some of the disadvantages consist in the absence of modern bitcoin slots and no available VIP program. These drawbacks really influence the casino rating not in a good way. But if you are looking for a calm place with unique atmosphere, you should try 777Coin Casino. Enter the site from any device, enjoy easy games, and win your fortune.

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