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4new (KWATT) Historical Data | Current KWATT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price KWATT. Maximal value of price 4new was , Minimal price of KWATT was . Today price of 4new is :

About 4new

4NEW is the world’s first ecological blockchain ecosystem powered by power plants from waste to energy. The concept is not new: all matter contains energy. This can be used for electricity production which is then used to be sold to the national grid or applied to manage the extraction processes on an on-site extraction farm. The cost of producing energy is covered by the revenues generated by the waste collection services and by the sale of by-products which facilitate a sustainable operation at the equilibrium point or a marginal gain. Therefore, the energy produced is not taxed and is freely available for use or sale on the national grid. 4NEW is a true energy producer, which converts waste into electricity with emissions that comply with the strictest regulations in the world. The new power plants earn enough revenue from cleaning the city and from government incentives to cover all the plant’s operating costs. The real innovation of 4NEW is to take this electricity generated from waste and use it to power a massive cryptocurrency farm.